Making Emergency Medicine Education Accessible for Everyone

At MedEdGuru, we help bring emergency medicine education to doctors-in-training anywhere, with an emphasis on low and middle income countries. We work with regional medical education champions to find EdTech that improves their access to resources and amplifies their impact. By complementing existing capacity-building efforts, we believe that we can use education to save more lives.

Train More Doctors,
Save More Lives

More than half of the world's nations lack emergency medicine training programs and access to high quality emergency medicine education. Fortunately, in-country leaders across the globe are working to change this. We believe we can amplify existing capacity building efforts by connecting regional leaders with global peers and education technology.

Knowledge At Your Fingertips

The Resource Catalog began as a place for us to take existing #FOAMed materials and put them at your fingertips. As we grew, publications like MedEdPORTAL and JETem kindly donated their archives. Now, medical educators from all over the world are invited to submit their collection of slide presentations, videos, lesson plans, and more to this searchable database. By sharing what we have each made, everyone's access to education improves.


The Emergency Medical Curriculum Assessment Tool enables residency program leaders to self-assess their program's curriculum and identify potential gaps (areas of underemphasis) and redundancies (areas of overemphasis). You can also track attendance and evaluations submitted by your learners.

Our Driving Force

Is Saving Lives

In the United States, it’s easy to take the on-demand healthcare for granted, but the truth is that many other countries lack a emergency care system due to lack of access to proper education.

MedEdGuru wants to help and has worked on a series of avenues to help correct this issue. We have consolidated scattered medical knowledge into one searchable catalog for anyone to freely use. We’ve also made Virtual Mentorship and Virtual Grand Rounds programs available globally to maximize the reach and impact of emergency medicine education for learners and instructors.

Global Impact

Since our founding, we've worked with educators, students, and professionals to help deliver vital education to people all over the world.

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Made Possible By These Fine Folks

Thank you to the following institutions who have donated financially and academically to furthering our mission.

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