2,000,000 died last year

...simply because they did not have access to standard emergency care.*

MedEdGuru wants to help fix this
Our Mission*WHO Global Alliance for Care of the Injured
our mission

Emergency Medicine Education For All

In the United States, we value having access to on-demand healthcare. According to the CDC, American patients make over 141 million visits to their local emergency department (ED) each year and recent reports from health policy experts suggest use of this safety net will continue to rise.

Yet in many other countries, there is no access to an emergency care system. As of this writing, more than half of the world's nations lack emergency medicine training programs and access to high quality emergency medicine education. Many of the programs that do exist are in their infancy. Fortunately, in-country leaders all over the world are working to change this.

MedEdGuru wants to help.

Thanks to the initiative of proactive teachers in both the #FOAMed movement and elsewhere, world class educational resources are already abundantly available for free with new materials coming online each day. MedEd Guru wants to make this content easy to search, organize and access for both individual learners and training programs. We believe that such access will make it easier for needed educators to design, build and grow curricula that work for their context.

We believe that education saves lives.

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