Welcome to MedEdGuru!

MedEdGuru is a pretty new kid on the international emergency medicine education block (man that’s a mouthful!). So, we want to take a minute to say hi, introduce ourselves, and speak a bit about what the heck we’re doing over here.

October 11, 2018

Hello and welcome to MedEdGuru! 


Charlotte Lawson here — I am an emergency physician and one of MedEdGuru's co-founders. I am so excited to be writing this brief introductory post on behalf of the Guru team.


Our Mission

MedEdGuru’s mission is simple: we want to make emergency medicine education accessible for everyone, especially our colleagues in low and middle income countries.

 We see provider education as a key variable in the capacity-building equation; one that is not only sufficient but absolutely necessary to growing our global ability to care for acutely ill and injured patients.


Our Team

MedEdGuru is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization headquartered inGreenville, South Carolina. We are a distributed team of medical education professionals with expertise in global health and acute care delivery. Prior to joining MedEdGuru, our team members have taught in a wide range of international practice settings including: Brazil, Costa Rica, Ghana, India,Mongolia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Uganda.


What We Believe

1.     Listen.We believe that every medical educator from every practice setting and at every stage of professional development has something valuable to share with his or her peers. We believe that the best solutions come from those who experience a problem directly.

2.     Accessibility.We believe that open-access allows information to reach more people, creating greater impact among recipients and professional advancement among knowledge sharers. We also recognize that “free” does not equal access. We seek to understand and address deeper barriers to the accessibility of education including language and internet bandwidth.

3.    Experiment.We are students of design-thinking and lean startup methodology who believe in data-driven co-creation. We seek to build solutions to problems identified by in-country leaders and to use leading indicators whenever possible to ensure that we are building the “right it”.

4.    CelebrateOthers. We believe firmly in a collaborative spirit. We celebrate the progress that all individuals and organizations make in their work to make EM education and by extension - acute care, more accessible for global citizens, regardless of our degree of involvement. Wherever possible, we seek to be helpful.


How We Work

We build tools and services aimed at meeting needs identified by in-country educators. Our existing projects include:

1.     TheMedEdGuru Resource Catalog: a database of peer-reviewed resources to learn and teach from. Educators can submit their materials to the catalog and receive annual data on how often their resource has been viewed.

2.     EMCAT:A curriculum assessment tool for program leaders

3.    VirtualGrand Rounds: programs can request a speaker for their next residency conference; faculty can volunteer to lead a lecture or flipped classroom session from the comfort of their home or office.

4.    VirtualMentorship: residents can request a mentor in EM; faculty can volunteer to mentor a resident virtually


Each of these projects is a prototype in and of itself. We add, remove and modify offerings as we learn what works from the behavior and feedback of you, our users.


Next Steps

MedEdGuru is excited to be sending a contingent to present atAfCEM 2018, November 7-9 in Kigali, Rwanda. We are eager to learn from our medical education peers in Africa and explore opportunities for collaboration.


Ok, team, that’s all for now. As always, please be in touch. We love hearing from you. Signing off with gratitude,