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Looking for a more substantial position within MedEdGuru? You came to the right place! Please complete the form below to get the conversation started. A member of our staff will contact you shortly thereafter. Looking for a smaller role? Consider Volunteering.

Does MedEdGuru offer any paid positions?

No, not at this time.

What is the time commitment for MedEdGuru team members?

This depends on the position, place in project cycle and time of year but estimate two and four hours per week for reviewers, four to six hours per week for editors and three to five hours per week for interns.

What is MedEdGuru looking for in a team member?

Strong communication skills and a passion for this work are any team member's two most essential qualities. At this time, we are especially interested in recruiting medical educators with expertise in curriculum assessment for positions as Peer Reviewers and Content Editors.

What is the process for joining the team?

Complete the form on this page to get the conversation started. If a position you are interested in is available, a phone interview will follow soon after. If it's a good fit for both of us, we will begin your onboarding!

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