Virtual Mentorship

Get outside of your community and get in touch with a global network to learn from those who've been there.

How Does It Work?

Looking for an expert in your niche of interest? Need a mentor outside your institution? We can help.

Why It’s Important?

Learning from an expert who has first-hand knowledge in the area of EM you want to pursue is invaulable.

Do I Need a Mentor?

Finding a geographically proximate mentor in certain niches can be a challenging. Our Virtal Mentors are here to help.

Learn From the Experts

Whether you aspire to be an ultrasonographer, a toxicologist, an EMS expert or something else entirely, learning from the career decisions of a professional who is where where you want to be is immensely valuable. Geographical challenges can be overcome with the Virtual Mentor platform. Tell us what you need in a mentor and MedEdGuru will find you a match. We will connect you remotely and make sure you have everything you need to get started on the right foot.

Need A Virtual Mentor? We Got You Covered.

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The Impact of Mentorship

Share your experiences with the next generation and grow your community on a global scale. We all have unique experiences and now is the perfect opportunity to share that knowledge with a mentee. With our virtual system, you can extend your impact to anywhere in the world.