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Have just an hour to give? Great! We have opportunities available for experienced medical educators and non-medical personnel alike. No contribution is too small and we look forward to hearing from you!

I want to volunteer but I do not have any clinical experience. How can I help?

Thank you for your interest! Consider serving as a Resource Catalog Librarian. This is a perfect option for our pre-medical or non-medical volunteers. Just as a community library might use helpers to shelve books, we use volunteers to help make sure our educational resources get to the right spot in the resource catalog. After a resource is peer-reviewed and accepted for publication, a resource catalog librarian double checks all the key details such as title, author(s), language and publication date before putting the resource “on the shelf” for others to use. For more information, fill out the form and a team member will contact you within 24 hours.

Do you have opportunities for volunteers to go abroad?

No. While many organizations are doing important capacity-building work by sending medical providers and educators abroad, we aim to complement these efforts by providing access to educational resources - materials to teach and learn from. Keeping our work predominantly online is a huge part of how we manage our impact:cost ratio.

If I volunteer will MedEdGuru write me a recommendation letter?

For committed volunteers with recurring contributions we would be thrilled to provide a letter of recommendation. We recommend joining the team as an intern for those interested in roles beyond Resource Catalog Librarian.

How does Virtual Grand Rounds work? Who do you accept as a speaker?

Virtual Grand Rounds is an initiative that allows emerging EM residency programs to request a speaker on a given topic. You are a good fit for this volunteer opportunity if you are an emergency physician and professional medical educator with experience speaking and teaching to medical residents. Virtual Grand Rounds speakers are both seasoned educators and early career professionals seeking more experience teaching an international audience. For more information, see our Virtual Grand Rounds page.

Do Virtual Grand Rounds speakers receive an honorarium?

No. As with all of our opportunities, volunteers are not paid. We encourage speakers to add each Virtual Grand Rounds session to their CV as an invited international presentation.

Tell me more about the Virtual Mentorship program.

This is a volunteer opportunity for board-certified emergency medicine physicians only. Many new emergency medicine residency programs exist in areas with few board certified EM physicians available to serve as mentors. Through our virtual mentorship program, EM residents who have requested a mentor are matched with volunteers who speak the same language. We ask that mentors commit an average of one hour per month to proactively engaging with their mentee over email, WhatsApp or video conferencing. If you volunteer as a mentor, we will add you to our list and contact you when we have a mentee that we think you might connect well with. You confirm your willingness to mentor before we make the introduction. For more information see our Virtual Mentorship page.

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